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You are in! Learn the ancient language of the Kados and solve the mystery of Na-Da-cah-ah.

Word Definition
Murrell family name
Kadohadacho tribe name
Na-Da-cah-ah the place of sorrow
Sah-coo dahyahyut na hayuh Sah-coo come from the sky
Kiwat your home
Bahat hatinu the Red River
Hawwih thank you
Kumbakiihah my name is
Hunnah no
Hiwi four
Bah ka hee the woods
Hushdunah great danger
Tsaheeyah tomorrow
Cahbenahsah the fight
Kat, hunna dah chah only knife, no gun
Niyaatsih our path
Kuukuh water
Cootneah the dead
Keenahwah The Ancients